christian drug treatment better resultsA Christian drug treatment facility is one option when you are looking for substance abuse help, and if you look at the statistics they show that more patients in this type of residential facility experience a complete recovery than any other program type. Christian drug treatment includes core Christian principles which have been shown to benefit your recovery, and spiritual counseling to heal any invisible spiritual wounds you may have that are causing some of the drug use. Christian drug treatment programs do give better results for many, but only if you choose a center that offers individual counseling and the relapse prevention tools and skills you will need after treatment is done,

Choosing a Christian drug treatment program or facility is a very important decision, because the right choice could set you free from drug use and abuse forever. The wrong choice of a Christian drug treatment program could mean round after round of relapse and then more treatment in your future, so it is critical that you evaluate and examine each possibility very closely. A loss of faith or an erosion of belief can cause a hole in your spirit, which is like an invisible infected wound filled with rancid infection. For this wound to heal it must be pierced and drained, and this is done during the spiritual counseling sessions that are held in Christian drug treatment programs.

Christian drug treatment allows you to recover in a comfortable setting where everyone has the same Christian beliefs and values. This is a much better choice than the typical rehab, where you will be residing with ex convicts, parolees, street hookers, homeless junkies, and other undesirable people. Just because you need help does not mean you have to lower your standards, or sacrifice your Christian beliefs. Christian drug treatment can help you get the treatment that you want and need in a Christian atmosphere.

One reason that Christian drug treatment offers exceptional results that are superior to a typical rehab is that these programs address all of the factors that are causing your substance abuse, so that there are no longer any types of hidden wounds or other causative factors. This can lead to a permanent recovery that lasts for life for many people, and that is why Christian drug treatment is becoming more popular by the day. These facilities have successfully treated patients who had tried many rehabs prior, and none could offer the results that the Christian program did for them.